Rough Anal Sex: Rough Anal Sex Erotica Audiobook By Nancy Brockton cover art
Rough Anal Sex: Rough Anal Sex Erotica Audiobook

Rough Anal Sex: Rough Anal Sex Erotica Audiobook


by Nancy Brockton

  • Narrated by: Michelle Jones
  • Length: 1 hr and 10 mins
  • Release date: 08-29-19
  • Language: English

A cock slowly pushed into my soft ass. Nope not here. How about a guy or bunch of guys with big, hard, angry cocks ramming into your ass with no abandon or concern about whether it’s bringing you pain or pleasure? If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have your ass ravaged over and over for hours, then this collection of five rough anal sex explicit erotica stories is for you.

Bent Over in an Alleyway by a Stranger (A First Anal Sex Experience with a Stranger Erotica Story)

Lindy is a cute college girl living on her own. She likes the excitement of the city, as well as the danger. In fact, she loves the thought of what a stranger might do to her. She’s about to find out when she walks past a dark alley late at night. That’s because in this alleyway, she will find herself bent over for her first anal sex experience, and this rough and reluctant anal fuck will come at the hands of a complete stranger!

Turbulance: A Very Rough and Reluctant Stewardess Gangbang

It’s Charlotte’s final day with her airline before changing jobs to work on a corporate jet, and she’s stuck on a transpacific flight handling the first class cabin. All nine of the passengers are from the same internet startup company, and all of them are difficult customers. Still, it’s Charlotte’s job to please them, and she isn’t going to let them deplane dissatisfied. Of course, she didn’t know that all nine of them want to join the mile high club, and they’ve decided that she’s the perfect one to initiate them…all. She’ll have a very rough and painful first anal experience in a vicious gangbang over the Pacific Ocean, and the men won’t be finished until she’s had every hole filled and satisfied every cock!

Casual Friday: A Very Rough Office Gangbang Sex Short

Cheryl doesn’t quite understand that casual Friday isn’t “dress like a complete whore” Friday, and she’s going to suffer for it! Her sales manager is ready to take her completely, and she has to put up with some very rough deep throat. That’s not all that’s in store for Cheryl in this office sex short, though, because he calls in two of his associates, and she has to take on all three, and that means hard rough sex, her first anal sex, and a scorching double penetration!

Probe My Ass: A Reluctant Doctor/patient Anal Sex Short

Lesley Warren’s cold and sinus problem is so bad she finally goes to see the doctor, and what a hot doctor he is! His prescription works, and on her follow up visit, he has some more treatment for her…her first anal sex! Hey, it’s the doctor’s orders, and Lesley is about to find out that when a doctor like Doctor Dan takes advantage of a patient, he does it right, with a good rough anal pounding!

Skinny Dipping Dripping: A Very Rough First Lesbian and First Anal Sex Short

Marilee is amazed that Kendall doesn’t react with jealousy when she accidentally admits to her best friend that she’s attracted to Daryl, Kendall’s boyfriend. Instead, Kendall invites her to skinny dip at the summer camp’s lake. It’s not as rosy of a picture as Marilee thinks though, because they’ll do a lot more than just swim. Before the night is out, Marilee will endure a vicious spanking, reluctant first lesbian sex, and a very, very rough first anal sex experience at the hands of Daryl!

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Nancy Brockton




1 hr and 10 mins

Narrated by

Michelle Jones

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