Roman Myths: You Must Know Before You Die! Audiobook By David Fuentes cover art
Roman Myths: You Must Know Before You Die! Audiobook

Roman Myths: You Must Know Before You Die! Audiobook


by David Fuentes

  • Narrated by: Jason Hunt
  • Series: You Must Know Before You Die!, Book 3
  • Length: 1 hr and 5 mins
  • Release date: 04-15-20
  • Language: English

About the series

The “You Must Know Before You Die!” series is a fascinating and immersive educational collection of publications that delve deep into numerous and far-reaching subjects across the educational spectrum; ranging from Greek mythology and evolution to history and the constructs of our Universe. You have much to learn before the Grim Reaper comes-a-calling so listen on and fill your mind with mountains of insightful knowledge. Knowledge you can use for a brighter tomorrow.

About the audiobook

This is a collection of fascinating facts, insights and stories into Roman Mythology. Numerous gods and tales of Roman Mythology have their origins in Greek Mythology; with slight adaptations in names, places and the nitty gritty parts, for example Heracles in Roman Mythology is referred to as Hercules in Greek, so be sure to check out my other books too.

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Additional information


David Fuentes




1 hr and 5 mins

Narrated by

Jason Hunt

Release date



You Must Know Before You Die!, Book 3


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