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Roman History, Volume 1 Audiobook
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Roman History, Volume 1 Audiobook



by Dio Cassius

  • Narrated by: Charlton Griffin
  • Length: 29 hrs and 51 mins
  • Release date: 10-24-17
  • Language: English

Dio Cassius was a Roman statesman and historian of Greek origin. He published 80 volumes of history on ancient Rome, beginning with the arrival of Aeneas in Italy. The volumes documented the subsequent founding of Rome (753 BC), the formation of the republic (509 BC), and the creation of the empire (31 BC). The history continues until AD 229.

Written in ancient Greek over a period of 22 years, Dio’s work covers approximately 1,000 years of history. Many of his 80 books have survived intact or as fragments, providing modern scholars with a unique perspective on Roman history, particularly the period of the empire from Trajan through Alexander Severus. The first 36 books are fragmentary to one extent or another, especially books 30 through 35. Beginning with book 36, Dio enters into a very detailed history that commences with the rivalry of Sulla and Marius. It then follows the career of Julius Caesar. This volume ends with book 49 and the increasing friction between Mark Antony and Octavian. Please note that book three is no longer extant.

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Dio Cassius

Narrated by

Charlton Griffin


29 hrs and 51 mins

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