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Road Map to Consciousness Audiobook

Road Map to Consciousness Audiobook


by Roshan Sharma

  • Narrated by: Liv Watkins
  • Length: 2 hrs and 59 mins
  • Release date: 08-07-20
  • Language: English

On the path of experiencing consciousness, you pick an unknown territory. On the path to consciousness, you don’t find anything familiar. Every step you take has no relevance from the past. Every experience remains fresh for you. You have to stay open to different experiences of life. 

A whole new world opens for you on the path of consciousness. The world that you might have heard in scriptures, but never experienced for the self. The way to the consciousness is through the subtle world. 

The physical world you are already experiencing outside, while the subtle world exists inside. 

The path to consciousness brings you closer to the experience of truth. 

The mind deceives you in as many ways possible, but when you get on the path of experiencing the truth, all the illusions, or delusions of the mind wither away and you experience an altogether a new reality for yourself. 

The things of the mind keep you separate from the actual reality of life. It’s only when you consciously live your daily life putting the things of the mind behind, you experience life from a different perspective. 

Life is possible without mind.

To experience consciousness and to create life out of consciousness, you have to connect with the life of the moment. 

The mind keeps you engaged into the external reality, but you have to consciously direct your mind inward and spend some time each day to know your inner world. It’s only by connecting and knowing the inner world; you reach to the truth of life.

Your daily life is based on your perception and your perception depends on the memories of the mind. The path of consciousness takes you to the state of mind where you can experience life dropping all the individual perceptions of the mind.

The life at the level of the mind keeps you limited to your own world, but with the consciousness, you experience life as a whole.

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Roshan Sharma




2 hrs and 59 mins

Narrated by

Liv Watkins

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