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Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! Audiobook
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Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! Audiobook



by Dr. Sadie Allison

  • Narrated by: Brooke Hudson
  • Length: 4 hrs and 8 mins
  • Release date: 08-07-20
  • Language: English


Why is this today’s best sex position guide? Instead of twisting you into impossible pretzel poses, Dr. Sadie illustrates hundreds of ways to shape your favorite sex positions into a more passionate orgasmic fit for the two of you. Comfortably! 

Even better, Dr. Sadie’s fun, empowering hands-on coaching inspires intimate new explorations and sensational erotic touches. You’ll reveal your lover’s deepest sexual desires (and yours, too!) while triggering powerful orgasms like never before, especially hers! Whether you’re newly intimate together or long-time lovers ready to take the monotony out of monogamy, this is the one lovemaking guide ready to create a lifetime of excitement, passion, confidence, supergasms, and un-wipe-offable smiles every morning after. Try it! And listen to it together…in bed! 

Here’s what awaits you inside: 

  1. Your passion cocktail: How to shake awake your love life 
  2. Supergasms: The secrets to supercharging your orgasms 
  3. The art of penetration: Sensual entry secrets just for him 
  4. The art of being penetrated: Sensual entry secrets just for her 
  5. Missionary possible: New pleasure angles when he’s on top 
  6. Doggy style: Enjoy new come-from-behind victories 
  7. Ride em Cowgirl! Exciting moves when she’s on top 
  8. Spooning: Rediscover the world’s most romantic position. 
  9. Clitilicious: How to arouse her orgasm trigger every time 
  10. The G-spot: Finding and stimulating her deep pleasure spot 
  11. Backdoor boogaloo: Why couples stopped saying no to this old taboo 
  12. The he-spot: Finding and stimulating his hidden pleasure spot 
  13. Voluptuous Loving: Positions designed especially for larger lovers 
  14. Pregnant poses: Exciting positions for the soon-to-be-mom 
  15. Outercourse: An exciting alternative of good messy fun 
  16. Location! Location! Location!: The joys of bypassing the bedroom 
  17. Vive la difference: Exciting new ways to fit your lover to you 
  18. Sexy playthings: Choosing the right sextoys for your longings 
  19. Appendix: Safety First How to practice safer sex every

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Dr. Sadie Allison




4 hrs and 8 mins

Narrated by

Brooke Hudson

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