Riddles for Smart Kids Audiobook By Lindy Roberts cover art
Riddles for Smart Kids Audiobook

Riddles for Smart Kids Audiobook


by Lindy Roberts

  • Narrated by: Fran Lane
  • Length: 1 hr and 47 mins
  • Release date: 05-27-20
  • Language: English

Do you want educational fun for your entire family? Try this.

When you do not know what I am, then I am something. But when you know what I am, then I am nothing. What am I?

A riddle!

Riddles have been around for thousands of years. Even in this age of video entertainment, brain teasers continue to be popular among kids and adults alike because they have some unbeatable benefits.

Here’s why riddles are good for the whole family:

  • They are a fun way to make the brain work
  • They make you think creatively
  • They boost your language skills because you have to think about the words carefully
  • They teach you new words and concepts 
  • They improve relationships in the family because you think together and laugh together
  • They are good icebreakers when meeting new people
  • They are fun

Don’t worry if you don’t know many riddles yet (or you’ve forgotten the ones you knew). This audiobook contains more than 200 riddles: classic riddles that your great-grandma used to love, modern riddles about technology, easy riddles, difficult riddles – you name it!

Here’s what you’ll find in this audiobook:

  • Collections of simple, medium, and difficult riddles
  • Answers to all the riddles
  • A guide to using this book alone, with family, or with friends
  • Tips for having great fun with this book
  • Hours and hours of entertainment

You can make this book a part of your family’s daily ritual or enjoy it occasionally. You can also listen to it with your friends – riddles make a great party game! Just don’t be afraid to say silly things and laugh a lot! 

If you are ready to entertain and educate your kids with more than 200 riddles, scroll to the top of the page and select the “buy now” button! 

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Lindy Roberts




1 hr and 47 mins

Narrated by

Fran Lane

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