Remembering Raven: Always Mine Audiobook By Lacey Edward cover art
Remembering Raven: Always Mine Audiobook

Remembering Raven: Always Mine Audiobook


by Lacey Edward

  • Narrated by: Robin Rowan
  • Series: Remembering Raven, Book 0.5
  • Length: 1 hr and 3 mins
  • Release date: 09-10-15
  • Language: English

Ravynne and Viktor Thorssen are happily married and live on a farm just outside of a Scandinavian village in 1456. They are true soul mates and can hardly bear to be away from each other. Life is extremely happy and wonderful for the two of them until, one day, evil enters their lives and threatens to destroy everything forever.

Beautiful young women from the village begin to go missing, never to be seen again. No one has a clue as to what is happening to them, and there is a lot of fearfulness among the residents. Ravynne is relieved that she and Viktor live far enough away from the village and believes they should be safe. However, she has a special secret that only Viktor shares that may allow her to figure out what’s happening.

She has a gift. Visions come to her unbidden, and they usually appear in times of stress or danger. In the past, she has used information gained during these visions to assist villagers without them ever knowing. But she dared not share this secret with anyone other than Viktor. They both know that she is likely to be accused of something that might get her executed.

When the first vision appears to her, she is given clues about what’s happening to the young women. The next vision shows even more. She tells Viktor, and together, they vow to come up with a plan to warn the villagers. However, before they can actually do that, something much worse comes into their lives and gives them all the answers they were searching for -even though these answers may be deadly.

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Lacey Edward




1 hr and 3 mins

Narrated by

Robin Rowan

Release date



Remembering Raven, Book 0.5


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