Relationship Advice for Men Audiobook By Emily Lavine cover art
Relationship Advice for Men Audiobook

Relationship Advice for Men Audiobook


by Emily Lavine

  • Narrated by: Mame Noonan
  • Length: 46 mins
  • Release date: 02-27-17
  • Language: English

What women want from relationships with men, even in bed.

This book is about how women want to be treated by their man, written from a woman’s perspective.

Whether it’s during the dating stage, while in a serious relationship, or when they are married, all women have the desires found in this book in common.

Emily Lavine provides practical guidelines for you to follow that will make women happy and foster a good and harmonious relationship.

Some secrets Emily reveals:

  • The importance of correct physical touch
  • How to please your woman in bed, detailed instructions
  • How to not be controlling and abusive, a total turn off
  • What women are really attracted to in men
  • The biggest turn offs for women
  • Much, much more

Here’s a little piece from the book on physical touch:

Physical touching, whether given or received, can build both a physical and an emotional connection. So, give her more hugs. Let the hugs you give stay longer and be more meaningful. When apologizing for a mistake or fault, gently squeeze her arm. Touching can assist in showing her compassion; it can sooth and calm frayed nerves. Physical closeness and touching can also help the woman feel more open to her man, and vice versa.

Excerpt on giving gifts:

Gifts also make you irreplaceable. When you always remember and give her gifts on your special days, her PMS days, and the occasional no-occasion days, you give her the idea that you’re the best there is, and that she would regret it if she broke up with you.

A few words from the sex chapter (very detailed information in this section of the book):

Spend more time on the twin peaks. Many women are frustrated because men do not put enough focus on their breasts. An excellent foreplay includes an extended amount of time on caressing….

Get this book now; you will be glad you did.

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46 mins

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