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Reiki Healing Audiobook

Reiki Healing Audiobook


by Skeptics Self-Healing Academy

  • Narrated by: Aida Maria Boison
  • Length: 3 hrs and 31 mins
  • Release date: 01-07-20
  • Language: English

Have you ever wondered what the secret of living a peaceful and joyful life is? Are you looking for a different technique for effective stress reduction and relaxation? 

Complete silence is hard to find. Our noisy world has deprived us of simple and subtle experiences. With the stress of keeping up with our chaotic schedules, an influx of hundreds of overwhelming ideas, and a wall-sized to-do list bombarding our minds, our bodies hold the physical load of each one of these worries and troubles in a mental and physical gridlock.

However, you can learn to release the body from this metaphysical bondage by feeling the clarity and healing of Reiki meditation.

Fascinating, right?

This Reiki guide is not just a book of facts, theories, and more knowledge. No! Although, the first aspect will attempt to briefly explain Reiki, its benefits, and history. This audiobook can be referred to at any part or any time that suits your needs. This makes it your perfect accompaniment for meditation.

You’ll learn the techniques, step by step, and discover the benefits of Reiki meditation, including:

  • How to relax your mind and reduce stress
  • How to increase your perception and visualization
  • What is the secret to raising your consciousness and your ability to solve problems
  • What are the techniques for post-surgery healing and other healing/medical processes
  • How to remove the energy blocks in your body, enabling free energy flow, which gives you a healthy body

Even if you never did meditation before, or you are skeptical about the potentials of meditation (we know it, that’s why we call our academy skeptical self-healing), you will find the answer to your questions and a complete program to help you, step by step.

Reiki is not only one of the oldest healing systems in use, it is also one of the most versatile. 

What are you waiting for? A few dollars spent are the value of your own well-being? Start your joyful and peaceful life journey by pressing the “buy now” button.

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Skeptics Self-Healing Academy

Narrated by

Aida Maria Boison


3 hrs and 31 mins

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