Rediscover the Fountain of Youth Audiobook By Holly Madison cover art
Rediscover the Fountain of Youth Audiobook

Rediscover the Fountain of Youth Audiobook


by Holly Madison

  • Narrated by: Cecilia Stewart
  • Length: 47 mins
  • Release date: 02-01-19
  • Language: English


Rediscover the Fountain of Youth   

Aging is an inevitable process of life. Whether we’re keen on it or not, we’ll most certainly age. Grandkids will become grandparents one day, and as this fact is certainly true, it’s also correct that changes can be noted with mindfulness when we enter old age. With this, you got to face the proven fact that your face will start to show its age. However, this is the reason why anti-aging methods are favored these days.   

These methods don’t put a complete halt to aging, but rather let us age gracefully. This suggests entering old age without having to look and feel old. Now, there’re plenty of anti-aging strategies and approaches you could use to fight the signs of aging. So in this audiobook, it’ll lay out the fundamental skin care regimes you can check off your list and start today. It’s never too late to start to reverse your age and allow your skin to defy gravity.  

Book content includes:  

  • Chapter 1 – Timeless facts on anti-aging  
  • Chapter 2 – How can you benefit from anti-aging?  
  • Chapter 3 – How to look ten years younger 
  • Chapter 4 – Effective anti-aging treatment choices  
  • Chapter 5 – Do anti-aging wrinkle creams really work?  
  • Chapter 6 – What really goes into skincare products?  
  • Chapter 7 – Best anti-aging products vs natural anti-aging remedies  
  • Chapter 8 – Eight major factors to consider with anti-aging programs  
  • Chapter 9 – List of the most powerful anti-aging supplements

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Holly Madison




47 mins

Narrated by

Cecilia Stewart

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