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Ready Player Fun Audiobook
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Ready Player Fun Audiobook



by A.V. Kern

  • Narrated by: Juliana Solo
  • Length: 3 hrs and 55 mins
  • Release date: 10-29-20
  • Language: English

In the year 2054, reality is a really dumb place. The only time the young, freedom-loving, 1980s pop culture and sex-obsessed Bowie Jackson really feels alive is when he’s huddling in a rusted metal lean-to in rural Wisconsin, jacked into the virtual, hyper-sexualized utopia known as the O-Face. 

Bowie’s devoted his life to unlocking the puzzles of the three magic dildos left by the O-Face’s creator as his in-game alter ego Felicia McFly, no matter how stupid and cringey it is to learn about pop culture that’s 70 years out of date. But Bowie’s the ultimate Mary Stu, so that’s not going to stop him!

When Bowie joins forces with his friends Sherm the Worm, Ap0ll0, and W33b to solve the creator’s puzzles, he attracts the attention of the ultimate buzzkill: the appallingly uptight Roger Dodger and his cult of Real Reality, who will stop at nothing, no matter how impractical, to end the antics of this group of misfits and take over the O-Face.

If Bowie’s going to survive, win the contest, and, maybe, even bang a real girl in the end, he’ll have to give it everything he’s got – no matter how ridiculous the circumstances or how bad the puns.

Disclaimer: This book contains coarse language, a lot of gratuitously stupid and graphic sexual situations, tons of violence, and due to its content should not be listened to by anyone. You’ve been warned!

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A.V. Kern




3 hrs and 55 mins

Narrated by

Juliana Solo

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