Rangeland Romances #16 Audiobook By Isabel Stewart Way, RadioArchives.com cover art
Rangeland Romances #16 Audiobook

Rangeland Romances #16 Audiobook


by Isabel Stewart Way

  • Narrated by: E. Roy Worley
  • Length: 49 mins
  • Release date: 07-09-13
  • Language: English


Blonde Truly couldn’t keep her kiss-ban against that cowboy Dave – not even when sultry Garnet ran engaging interference. She thought Dave’s kisses delightfully habit-forming – and so did his sultry fiancee.

One of the most popular settings for romance stories was the Old West, where men were men and women were women. As many a swooning damsel could attest, “There’s something about a cowboy.” The western romance became one of the most popular types of magazines sold during the early and mid-twentieth century.

By today’s standards, these stories may be considered sweet and wholesome, but there’s still a thrill to them, the excitement of action and love waiting along the next trail. A beautiful woman thrown into the arms of a handsome cowboy. A desert sunset as two lovers’ lips meet. The wide-open spaces where two lonely hearts find unexpected romance. Stories of untamed country and love make western romances extremely popular.

This new series of Rangeland Romances brings back the best of those western romance stories. A short story – a quick listen – and romance blooms among the tumbleweeds yet again. Vintage Rangeland Romances, harkening back to a simpler day where love could be found on a dusty trail, are reissued for today’s listeners.

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49 mins

Narrated by

E. Roy Worley

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