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Raising Hell Audiobook

Raising Hell Audiobook


by S. K. Gregory

  • Narrated by: Anaya Vitalis
  • Length: 2 hrs and 56 mins
  • Release date: 02-15-19
  • Language: English

Ex-Goddess. Queen of the Underworld. About to Raise Hell.

My name is Persephone, yes, that one. Two thousand years ago, the Gods fell, but my husband, Hades, saved me by stripping me of my God powers. I fled while my family died and I have carried the guilt ever since. Two weeks ago, my old frenemy, Eris showed up in the small town of Bedford where I live. She was searching for a way to raise a God. Her first choice – Ares.

We fought and I defeated her, but not before she smashed the bottle containing the elixir needed to raise the dead. I managed to salvage some of it, but will it be enough?

Now I am searching for the power source hidden in the town, a power that could reunite me with my husband or my mother, Demeter. I don’t want to choose, but that will come later. I need to find what I am looking for first.

One thing is for sure, small town life is no longer boring. Time to raise a little hell.

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S. K. Gregory

Narrated by

Anaya Vitalis


2 hrs and 56 mins


Gods of Chaos, Book 1

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