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Race in an American Life Audiobook
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Race in an American Life Audiobook



by R.P. Rogers

  • Narrated by: R.P. Rogers
  • Length: 24 hrs and 21 mins
  • Release date: 09-06-19
  • Language: English


Race in an American Life by R.P. Rogers

Race – a four letter word written in the fabric of the American character. No other letters or group of letters compels the incredible range of emotional responses as does R-A-C-E.

Race in an American Life is the chronicle of one person’s interface with America’s struggle searching for its sense of being and its soul. I am the author, R.P. Rogers and Race in an American Life is my personal trial with the ongoing racial conflict and ambiguities. This is the saga of an American who has charged, strolled, meandered, and been dragged through the aftermath of The Civil War, Reconstruction, and the ongoing Civil Rights Movement. It is very up close and personal – it is a life.

Race in an American Life is about my life intertwined with the reality, consequences, and gargantuan struggle of America’s struggle with race. This is the account beginning with a boy born in rural South Carolina during the lingering depression going into WWII and continuing through the turbulence of the 1960’s. My attitude on race was formed working side by side with black and white, in the searing Carolina sun, at a very young age. This audiobook weaves all parts of my life with the events of WWII, Atom Bomb, especially Vietnam, and the protest of the 1960’s. Whether front and center, or lurking in the background, the racial component is always there. Go there with me – it is more than a story – it is a life.

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R.P. Rogers




24 hrs and 21 mins

Narrated by

R.P. Rogers

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