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Purposehood Audiobook
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Purposehood Audiobook



by Ammar

  • Narrated by: Cameron Scriven
  • Length: 10 hrs and 41 mins
  • Release date: 07-27-20
  • Language: English


You were born a genius, but that seed was obstructed and malnourished while you struggled to grow in the jungle of life. Transcending these limitations to reclaim your destiny, happiness, success, and fulfillment is what this groundbreaking book is all about. 

Everything in existence has a forward-pulling existential purpose that serves itself and indeed, the entire universe – a Purposehood. The Purposehood of everything is to evolve and expand exponentially in a powerful, symbiotic relationship. Moving against this force creates stress and tension; moving with it creates harmony and ease. In this audiobook, you will explore your Seed of Potentiality with limitless creativity, infinite desires, and directional choice; create empowering beliefs with the Pyramid of Values; discover your own Purposehood and that of your family and business; find your role in life and existence; use Five Daily Practices to live your life’s purpose with happiness, success, and fulfillment. 

Based on Ammar’s deep, personal exploration of science, philosophy, religion, mysticism, and existence itself, this book invites you to reflect on your own life’s purpose and how you can embrace it to create positive change and success.  

About the author: Ammar sought fulfillment at a young age through his devotion to exploring religions. He attended Christian schools in Syria and spent ten years with Sufi masters and religious scholars, studying, teaching, and subsequently serving as a cleric. Later in life, his focus turned to entrepreneurship, where he pursued success by starting and seed-investing in over 30 businesses, four of which are led by members of YPO. After a near-death experience followed by an 11-year deep dive into the meaning of life, today Ammar is focused exclusively on working with volunteers to spark a Purposehood movement dedicated to helping people transform their lives and the world by discovering and living their existential purpose.


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10 hrs and 41 mins

Narrated by

Cameron Scriven, Laura Woodhouse

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