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Psychology of Hyperactive People Audiobook

Psychology of Hyperactive People Audiobook


by IntroBooks

  • Narrated by: Tracy Tupman
  • Length: 45 mins
  • Release date: 08-15-20
  • Language: English


Hyperactivity is a condition of being unconventionally active. Hyperactive people are always up to something. These kinds of people are always active, impulsive in nature, easily distracted, unable to concentrate, or similar behavior. In the year of 1867, the word hyperactive was used in the sense of more activity than usual or desired.

People’s behavioral study is streamed in Psychology. These kinds of behavior are commonly seen among children. Typical hyperactive behavior is seen as fidgeting and wandering. These people often become depressed or anxious due to their constant activity and people’s respond. Often the question comes in mind as hyperactivity is a neurological issue or psychological issue.

Hyperactivity is thought to be a neurological issue. It can come from biological ways also. Studies reveal that a child with hyperactivity disorder is four times as likely a relative also diagnosed with the disorder. The term “hyper” is used as a slang for the hyperactive people. Through the understanding of the psychological condition of hyperactive people, it is easier to understand their condition and behave with them amicably.As mentioned, hyperactivity is mostly observed with children. And this may cause a lot of other problems too. This problem occurs because of the inability to stay calm and concentrate on one thing.

Hyperactivity often causes hard relationships with friends and family. And can also lead to injuries and even an accident sometimes. It sometimes causes an increased risk of alcohol and drug abuse by that affected person.

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45 mins

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Tracy Tupman

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