Professor’s Virgin Audiobook


by Hayden Ash

  • Narrated by: Melanie Hastings
  • Length: 22 mins
  • Release date: 11-06-19
  • Language: English


While arguing in the middle of a class, a man-of-the-house professor decides to teach his spoiled little brat student a lesson. After class is over, this rich, little princess will have to do exactly what she’s told and learn how to behave herself. It might be painful at first but only until it’s oh-so-incredibly pleasurable! Her innocence, just like her bad behavior, will become a thing of the past!


He takes a step toward me, his face so strong and intense. I get lost looking up into his dark eyes and feeling the heat from his massive, muscular chest falling down on me. 

“Your father might have practically paid for the new library himself, but don’t presume that you are above anyone else!” He says, pointing his finger in my face. 

I know that I should feel angry or invaded or something, but all I can think about as he holds his finger two inches from my face, is that I wish he would just grab me with those massive hands of his hands and pin me hard against the brick wall behind me. And, then, I wish he would put those fingers he’s waving at me into my mouth and make me suck on them hard.

“Ms. Gold, are you listening to me?” He asks me, angrily.

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Hayden Ash

Narrated by

Melanie Hastings


22 mins

Release date





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