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Pleasure Maiden Audiobook

Pleasure Maiden Audiobook


by Alyson Belle

  • Narrated by: Sophia Chambers
  • Length: 1 hr and 11 mins
  • Release date: 04-13-18
  • Language: English

Once, he was Azlato, the most powerful warrior-king of the grassland people, taking whatever women he pleased. Now, thanks to the evil witch-queen’s curse, he’s been swapped into the body of a nubile and eager pleasure maiden who must service the same warriors he once led in his own sex tents. The mistress of the tents has some very rough training in store for Azlato, and she won’t stop until he’s a perfectly obedient pleasure maiden.

Meanwhile, Azlato discovers that his old body might be in mortal peril! If the witch queen dies while in his form, Azlato might have to spend the rest of his life as a sex-crazed bimbo in the pleasure tents. He only has a few days left to find a way to break the witch queen’s spell and spare himself from this fate, but first he has to figure out how to stop dropping his panties every time a hot body wanders by….

Will the mighty Azlato be able to save himself? Or will he be doomed to work on his back forever as just another pleasure maiden?

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Alyson Belle

Narrated by

Sophia Chambers


1 hr and 11 mins


Gender Swapped by the Witch Queen, Book 2

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