Planetfall Earth: Alien Incursion audiobook cover art
Planetfall Earth: Alien Incursion Audiobook

Planetfall Earth: Alien Incursion Audiobook


by Chogan Swan

  • Narrated by: Radio Free Solar System
  • Length: 4 hrs and 12 mins
  • Release date: 10-01-18
  • Language: English

No one on Earth knows the seeds of the world’s destruction just fell from space.

Tiana knows what duty means though. It’s why all her friends are dead.

Alone on a primitive world.

All her all her technology at the bottom of the ocean.

Outnumbered by deadly enemies only she can bring to justice.

If she fails her mission now, another sentient species will fall. And the Tyrant Empire will rise again – because Earth has just been infected with a fatal parasite. They are called the niiaH – by those not yet too frightened to speak the name – and their Empire has terrorized most of the galaxy for long generations.

If you love to imagine there is more going on behind the scenes on Earth than most people think, this book is for you.

If you enjoyed Avatar or Farscape you’ll love listening to this audiobook with a strong female lead, who is even tougher than Aeryn Sun.

If you’re comfortable with the notion that a female can be a badass – or if you know that’s really how it usually is anyway – this book might be the introduction to your new favorite series.

Warning: Parts of this story contain adult situations.

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Chogan Swan

Narrated by

Radio Free Solar System


4 hrs and 12 mins


The Symbiont Wars Saga, Book 1

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