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Pink Lipstick Dreams Audiobook

Pink Lipstick Dreams Audiobook


by Candy Kross

  • Narrated by: Candy Kross
  • Length: 1 hr
  • Release date: 03-19-14
  • Language: English

With Ginger’s long black hair cascading over her shoulders against her porcelain pale skin and her sparkling green eyes brightening her face, the combination made her a drop dead gorgeous woman. Ginger knew she was beautiful at a petite size of 5’2”, but with round and perky size “C” cups, her figure was small, but very sexy.

She looked in the mirror and put on the lipstick that Ryan had bought her the day before. Ginger had never worn pink lipstick before; it was always the sexy slutty red lipstick that looked good against her skin. But, Ryan, her boyfriend wanted her to wear pink lipstick for him tonight.

Tonight was their one year anniversary and he had told her that he had a surprise for her. Ginger was very excited. Ryan had been talking lately a lot about taking their relationship to the next level. Was he going to propose to her? She wondered.

Ginger pouted her lips out and pulled off the top of the pink lipstick off. It was a light pink in color with a little shimmer. She slowly applied the pink lipstick to the outline of her lips, then filled in her lips. Ginger had full lips and the pink lipstick made them look even fuller and pouty.

When she was finished, her eyes looked even greener than before and her skin was even paler. Ginger actually liked how the pink lipstick looked on her. She then went over to her closet and pulled out the tight fitting pink dress Ryan had bought for her to wear out tonight. She was never used to the color pink. She usually wore black or red clothing. Pink was something new to her.

She took the short pink mini dress off the hanger and unzipped it. Ginger already had on pink thigh high stockings attached to a pink garter that matched her pink lace panties with a pink lace bra. All bought for her by Ryan. She slipped the dress on. It was very tight and form fitting. The dress pushed her breasts into a nice cleavage and hugged her small waist and accentuated her round little ass. ‘Damn, I look hot.’ Ginger said out loud to herself.

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Candy Kross

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Candy Kross


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