Persuasion 101 Audiobook

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by Larry Parsons

  • Narrated by: Robert Plank
  • Length: 1 hr and 21 mins
  • Release date: 10-01-18
  • Language: English


Want to be a more influential person? Want people to like you and listen to what you have to say? Want to get ahead in your career and business? This book is what you are looking for.

Thousands of companies use marketing tricks to sell all sorts of products. In fact, companies will hire teams of people to focus entirely on persuading, influencing, and enticing people.

The ordinary person lives their life, unaware of these techniques and how they are used. But you can use the same tricks businesses are using every day and make them work to your advantage. This book discusses six of the most effective persuasion techniques, how they are used, and how to use them yourself to influence people in life and career:

  • Authority bias
  • Likability factor
  • Rule of reciprocation
  • Consistency
  • Consensus
  • Scarcity

What may seem like mind control is just a set of simple techniques to influence the subconscious. Harnessing the power of these six effective and scientifically proven principles of persuasion will give you the competitive advantage in every aspect of life, conversation, career, and business.

This book opens the door to a million possibilities to positively improve your life, career, and business, and to make the most of everyday conversations and interactions.

What are you waiting for? Download to start your persuasion journey today!

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Release date



1 hr and 21 mins

Narrated by

Robert Plank


Larry Parsons


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