Overthinking, Photographic Memory, Habit Stacking: 3 Books in 1 Audiobook By Tony Bennis cover art
Overthinking, Photographic Memory, Habit Stacking: 3 Books in 1 Audiobook
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Overthinking, Photographic Memory, Habit Stacking: 3 Books in 1 Audiobook



by Tony Bennis

  • Narrated by: Adam Breazeale
  • Length: 10 hrs and 34 mins
  • Release date: 08-02-19
  • Language: English


3 audiobooks in 1


Do you feel overstressed or overwhelmed by your busy life? Or are you tired of overthinking?

Sadly, the world we live in today has caused so many people to spend dozens of hours alone, which gradually leads to negative feelings and ideas. This kind of overthinking culture seems to be on the increase daily, thereby affecting the way people live their lives with no real satisfaction and happiness. Overthinking can range from pondering over big questions like, “What will I do with my life?” to being unable to sleep because of the innocent comment of a friend. Pondering over such questions leads to sadness, anxiety, and serious depression.

By being expressive, you will learn how to accept whatever you can’t change and only focus your energy on what you can control, this is the very first step to handling most of life’s challenging problems.

As you go through this self-book, you will discover some of the major causes of overthinking and learn about 27 practical methods that can help you break free from such negative feelings, move on to greater heights, find freedom, become more productive, set new realistic goals, and attain feasible results.

Photographic Memory

Study skills will be useful to help you get to where you want to be with your photographic memory. Training your mind each day to study for various things that you may be learning will enable you to remember things with more clarity than ever before. You will recall accurately and effectively all the things you study, because you have practiced these steps. Anyone can do these things.

Habit Stacking

Ever wondered what makes certain people enjoy a majority of riches, success, and glory in the world while others struggle to barely make ends meet?

Do you want to develop winning habits that take you from average to extraordinary? This audiobook takes you through an inspiring journey of a rich and successful person’s most defining habits, behavioral patterns, and mindset. Among other things you will learn: 

  • Powerful habits of the rich and successful
  • How to program your mind for success and abundance
  • Developing relationships for success
  • How to optimize your time productively
  • Habits that make you experience a higher sense of fulfillment and help you lead a great life

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Tony Bennis




10 hrs and 34 mins

Narrated by

Adam Breazeale

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