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Overthinking and Critical Thinking Audiobook
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Overthinking and Critical Thinking Audiobook

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by Dr. Brandon Hill

  • Narrated by: Rebecca Knowles
  • Length: 10 hrs and 2 mins
  • Release date: 07-28-20
  • Language: English

Do you want to learn how to build mental toughness, stop procrastination, overcome anxiety, stop worrying, eliminate negative thinking, and gain knowledge about mind-set, hypnosis, and mental models? If yes, then keep reading….

There are many ways of describing overthinking. It can be understood as a situation where one cannot stop worrying and thinking about things. Overthinking is not a disorder. It involves a fear that grows in you and overwhelms you, but you can’t help yourself but let it do so.

In some cases, instead of crying it out, you simply opt to hold back your tears. It’s the fear of failure: failing at your job, failing a certain class, failing in your relationships. Overthinking drives you to work hard for unrealistic expectations. This might sound productive, but in reality, you will be exhausted by maintaining this pace. 

Thinking too much leads to exhaustion. Emotionally and physically, you will feel exhausted since your mind never stops. It always floods you with thoughts, and the worst thing about it is that you believe there is nothing you can do. Overthinking is when your mind clings to the faults that you have made and takes you through them throughout the day.

When you overthink, your life will be on constant pause. You will always feel as though you are waiting for the right moment to do something. The problem is that this moment never arrives. You’re always anticipating that something could go wrong. You will be overly careful when doing anything. This is influenced by the fact that you are just worried things might not work out as expected.

You will find some of the tips on how you can relieve yourself from overthinking in the chapters of this book that include:

  • What is overthinking?
  • Form good habits
  • Remove negative influences
  • The power of mindfulness
  • The best kept secret to taming your thoughts
  • The importance of good sleeping
  • And much more

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10 hrs and 2 mins

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