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Options Trading Audiobook

Options Trading Audiobook


by William Owens

  • Narrated by: Joseph Baltz
  • Length: 1 hr and 39 mins
  • Release date: 08-24-20
  • Language: English

Have you been hearing about the lucrative nature of options and wish to dip your feet into the world of options trading for a decent, regular, and sustainable income but don’t know where to start?

Or have you started trading options but are confused about the many things that you have to master, the complex charts, the complex analysis tools and have probably made losses that you feel you could have avoided?

If you’ve answered yes, keep listening….

You are about to learn how to become an intelligent options trader and generate long-term or short-term income while keeping your risk exposure low with the most practical and effective techniques, tips, and tricks!

Options trading has been around for almost five decades, but it’s only recently that this method of investing has begun getting the attention it deserves. For a long time, many investors avoided options, since they thought they were sophisticated and required a wide financial experience.

However, today, more and more investors have discovered that options are very different, that they’re one of those hidden gems with the potential to offer increased cost-efficiency, lower risk of trading, and deliver high ROI and flexibility – with multiple investment alternatives.

Just think how cool it would be for you to have options that allow you to profit from both downward and upward price movements of underlying assets….

And imagine doing all that without spending a fortune but committing just a fraction of the value of the underlying assets, yet gaining massive profits from your trades….

It sounds magical, I know….

But it is not magical when you make uninformed trades that end up bleeding you money!

Perhaps the reason you are listening to this is because you know all that and want to make things right as you trade options but are wondering:

What is the best approach to get into options trading?

How do you understand all the jargon and complex concepts in options trading?

How do you analyze the markets and decide when to buy call or put options?

What are the best strategies successful options traders use?

How can I get started if I’ve never traded anything in the financial market before?

How do I keep my exposure to risk and losses low?

If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you so keep listening….

More precisely, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of options trading, including what options are and what options trading entails
  • The difference between the two main categories of options: call and put options
  • How options and options trading work
  • The risks you need to know about in options and how you can manage them
  • How to manage your finances – including your savings, spending, and knowing when to exit
  • How to enter, remain, and leave the market like a professional
  • The difference between technical and fundamental analysis
  • The best strategies you should consider in options trading
  • How to decide whether to invest in the long term or short term

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William Owens




1 hr and 39 mins

Narrated by

Joseph Baltz

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