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Options and Forex Trading Audiobook
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Options and Forex Trading Audiobook



by Tommy Swing

  • Narrated by: George Johnson
  • Length: 7 hrs and 51 mins
  • Release date: 06-16-20
  • Language: English

As with any other investment instrument, options trading should be in every investor’s toolbox. Not everyone will see the results when it comes to working with options trading, but if you follow some of the tips in this guide and use the strategies and case studies that have been presented, you will be well-equipped to see how each strategy works in real life and actually make some money.

It can be a really exciting time to get into options trading, especially if you are a new investor who has never worked with other types of investments in the past. Most people will start with options trading, and with a little help from a broker, they will use it to make some money to help with a retirement plan, pay some bills, or for some extra expenses. No matter why you choose to start with options trading, if you spend some time learning how options work, how their market works, and what strategies are best, you will be able to make some profit in this game.

Money management is an important part of any trading activity, but especially in forex trading. Being able to understand how to do it properly will help you determine what risks you can afford to take and what risks you should stay away from. Taking the time to understand it now will help you much more in the future. You should always think about the future, and this is an important part of it.

Most people who start out in this field have goals for their money and what they want to achieve. We have also been able to give you concrete examples of how jobs are done. Seeing exactly what you are getting into will show you what you will be able to do once you are able to develop your skills. By understanding the process of becoming a forex trader and using the tips we have outlined in this book, you will be able to become a success for yourself and ensure that your goals are achieved. This book is not an exhaustive description of forex trading. Understanding that the process of learning forex trading is a continuous learning effort with each successful or unsuccessful trade only gives you an idea of trading. An individual can start trading for only $100.

In this audiobook, you will learn more:

  • Understanding options trading
  • Introduction to Greek language and business jargon
  • Ways to start options trading
  • Option trading brokers
  • Risk management and consideration
  • Psychology of trade and mentality
  • Tools and technical analysis of revenues and expenses
  • Pricing principles and quotations
  • Options trading strategies
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Basics of forex trading
  • Forex trading principles
  • Forex market basics
  • Ways to negotiate forex
  • Advantages of forex trading
  • Trading platforms
  • Risk management and trading psychology
  • Trading strategies
  • Your trading plan
  • Choosing a broker
  • Fundamental or technical analysis?
  • Tips for forex traders
  • And much more!

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Tommy Swing




7 hrs and 51 mins

Narrated by

George Johnson

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