Olympics (Ancient Greek Mysteries) Audiobook By Kristi McCracken cover art
Olympics (Ancient Greek Mysteries) Audiobook

Olympics (Ancient Greek Mysteries) Audiobook


by Kristi McCracken

  • Narrated by: The Staff at High Noon Books
  • Series: Ancient Greek Mysteries
  • Length: 46 mins
  • Release date: 11-15-13
  • Language: English


All over the world, people love to watch the athletes of the Olympics compete. But just why are there Olympic Games? Why are they so important? The truth is, the modern Olympics are a return to a mysterious, ancient festival. The ancient Olympics were more than just fun and games; they helped shape Greek culture and its contributions to us.

Let the history, legends and myths of ancient Greece capture your imagination, from Alexander the Great’s conquest of much of the Middle East to the development of Western philosophy, the tradition of the Olympics, the secrets of reading oracles, and the puzzle of the lost city of Atlantis.

This Quick Listen, High-Interest, non-fiction series Ancient Greek Mysteries engages readers of all ages.

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Kristi McCracken




46 mins

Narrated by

The Staff at High Noon Books

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Ancient Greek Mysteries


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