Of Eagles and Ostriches Audiobook By Russell Holder cover art
Of Eagles and Ostriches Audiobook

Of Eagles and Ostriches Audiobook


by Russell Holder

  • Narrated by: Michael Welte
  • Length: 2 hrs and 24 mins
  • Release date: 11-09-15
  • Language: English

This is a book of “political poetry”, one that does force the listener to face being honest with themselves…not the image of what they might have thought mere moments before listening to something within. I challenge either side of the aisle to see and decide which of the two birds, either an eagle or an ostrich, they closer resemble – these conclusions must then be addressed personally and patriotically. Do you know which one you are? I’m willing to bet the answer you come to might surprise you!

For way too long, we have been running on the fumes of patriotism, the ideals vs. the reality, the thoughts vs. the truth of who we are, and the “what” we have become. Just on torture alone, a criminal act, we fail to exhibit and justify the notion of freedom – or how we should use the freedom we have. When what freedom we take, as Fredrick Douglas once felt, I’m sure deprives another of their freedom. It makes freedom a mockery and renders those using it wrongly to bare naked mockery themselves. Still think you know freedom? I hope you will find this book both eye-opening and informative, with a viewpoint you might not have had before listening to it.

If you say you are a conservative or a liberal, these thoughts contained within this book will challenge your beliefs. The thoughts expressed in this book, with the poetry on freedom, will confront notions of what it truly means to be independently minded – if indeed freedom is worthy of the pursuit we give it for the purposes we were taught from youth. The question really comes down to: have we strayed from what we learned about freedom or find we don’t know the meaning of freedom at all – being removed from the ideals first known?

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Russell Holder




2 hrs and 24 mins

Narrated by

Michael Welte

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