Odd Number Five Audiobook By T.J. Loveless cover art
Odd Number Five Audiobook

Odd Number Five Audiobook


by T.J. Loveless

  • Narrated by: W.B. Ward
  • Series: Fortune Cookie Diaries, Book 2
  • Length: 1 hr and 53 mins
  • Release date: 10-24-14
  • Language: English

Warning: Listening to Odd Number Five may cause uncontrolled fits of laughter, belief in mischievous, Gerard Butler look-alike leprechauns, snarky unicorns, and the need to visit New Orleans during St. Patrick’s Day.

In New Orleans, Louisiana, something with a weird sense of humor is stranding myth in a nonmagical world.

Tiffany and friends are adjusting nicely to life with Miracai, the cantankerous, carnivorous unicorn, and Verna, the Fairy Godmother. They have high hopes of returning to a semi-normal life, but whatever is controlling the strings of fate isn’t going to let that happen.

Adding to the daily chaos, an honest-to-goodness leprechaun is dropped into the living room. Verna wants him to stay far from her perfect life, Janet and Tiffany would love to drop him off the roof, Miracai prefers him medium rare, and only Mark is able to tolerate the newbie for more than a few minutes at a time.

Much to Mark’s dismay, Kieran the Leprechaun is prone to creating vast amounts of mischief, and with it being St. Patrick’s Day weekend, he hopes they can figure out why the leprechaun is in NOLA before they run out of bail money.

Mark’s nerves are frayed, between Damn Duck’s Houdini tricks and Kieran’s hijinks, he’s not sure everyone can keep their sanity. He’d be happy if all of them came out in one piece.

A man can always hope.

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T.J. Loveless




1 hr and 53 mins

Narrated by

W.B. Ward

Release date



Fortune Cookie Diaries, Book 2


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