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Numerology and the Mystical Triangle Audiobook
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Numerology and the Mystical Triangle Audiobook



by Oneida Powell

  • Narrated by: Dylan Parker
  • Length: 6 hrs and 49 mins
  • Release date: 06-30-20
  • Language: English

According to many numerologists, nothing happens by accident. Everything happens because of numbers.

As the theory goes, each number has a unique vibration, giving it certain properties. These properties can shed light onto a person’s behavior, or predict whether romantic partners are compatible. Numerological analysis can determine a person’s lucky number, or lucky day. Recurring numbers can offer clues into how the world works, or the significance of people, and events.

The process of translating words to numbers is central to numerology.

The day we were born holds significant meaning to us, and not just because we find ourselves a little older. The exact day we were born directs not only our personalities but our attitude toward the world, and what journey to we are destined to take. In your numerology portrait, three numbers, the birthday number, the life path number, and the attitude number, all come from the numbers in your date of birth. Unlike those that come from your name, your birth numbers cannot be changed, and therefore have a stronger hold over you.

Curious about what your birthday says about you?

Name Numerology

Our name, what we call ourselves, is deeply important, it is our identity, our personal brand. This section explores all the ways name numerology can be expressed, which are: The soul urge, the personality number, and the power number.

Meaning of Numbers in The Bible

An essential key to understanding God’s word, and its design is through the meaning of Biblical numbers. Their connections, and patterns, when we search them out, and understand them, reveal the handiwork of God. Although the arrangement of some is obvious, others are not, and require in-depth Bible study. The patterns found do not exist by random chance but by design. Each one has a particular symbolism attached to it by our creator.

Karmic Astrology: Know Your Karma, and Your Dharma

Numerology is based on the idea that each of us is a spiritual being, or a soul, who incarnates many times in order to further evolve toward higher states of awareness. During our evolutionary path of many incarnations, we have accumulated a wealth of wisdom, but have also made mistakes, or have sometimes abused the gifts we’ve been given. To rectify such errors, we may take on an additional burden in order to learn a particular lesson that we failed to learn in previous lifetimes. In Numerology, this is called a “Karmic Debt”.

Pythagoras and Number Symbolism

Pythagoras postulated that the meaning behind numbers was deeply significant. The Pythagoreans believed that all things were made of numbers.

Let’s examine what sacred meaning the Pythagoreans ascribed to some of the numbers!

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6 hrs and 49 mins

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