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Nikki’s Conquest Audiobook

Nikki’s Conquest Audiobook


by Nikki Morris

  • Narrated by: Jessica Jeffries
  • Length: 31 mins
  • Release date: 06-27-18
  • Language: English

A glance. Sometimes that’s all it takes for desire to overwhelm you, to make the body of a total stranger all you want, in all the sweating, screaming ways propriety says should be forbidden. 

For Fiona, that glance just happened in the most unlikely of places, a crowded mall filled with tens of thousands. And in that glance is something terrifying. 

But its not the location that upsets her, not the sudden steaming arousal that shames her. It’s not even the guilt that eats her because the glance isn’t with her husband. The fear that’s found her, that’s begging her to flee from the lust and connection she’s found in that glance, is a hidden secret she’s run from for years. 

For on the other side of that glance, beaming in all its feminine glory, is the face of another woman. A face that’s determined to have her.

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Nikki Morris

Narrated by

Jessica Jeffries


31 mins

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