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Narcissists, Abusers and Batterers Audiobook

Narcissists, Abusers and Batterers Audiobook


by J.B. Snow

  • Narrated by: D Gaunt
  • Length: 47 mins
  • Release date: 10-30-15
  • Language: English


Many of my readers and listeners come to me wanting to learn more and more about narcissists, abusers, batterers, and trauma bonding that occurs (and the woman’s inability to leave the toxic relationship even when she has knowledge that it is toxic). The purpose of this audiobook is to uncover the overt and covert tools that are used by narcissists, abuser, and batterers to control, cause dependency, and form trauma bonds with people whom they want to keep in their lives to feed their own egos.

My book will refer to narcissists in particular, but the rules also apply for those who are abusers and batterers on other levels. An abuser and batterer may or may not have a mental illness or personality disorder. You may think that they have a personality disorder or illness due to their largely chaotic and toxic behaviors, however, all of their activities generally have a very specific purpose as you will see explained later in this book.

My books have touched on the narcissist and the law of reciprocity, and how to talk to a narcissist. I cover things like the Madonna-Whore Complex as it pertains to narcissists and cheating, and I discuss the trauma bonding that occurs in a toxic relationship. Narcissists are everywhere, and the truth is that we need to find better ways to interact with and relate with them if we have one in our life.

There is a statistic flying around the Internet that assumes that nearly one in four people has the traits of narcissism. It is no surprise that the number is climbing higher every year due to poor parenting and better diagnoses. Since between 18-25% of the population is regularly seeking help for the many mental health illnesses and personality disorders (an average based on statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health), it is no surprise that narcissists make up such a large percentage of the population.

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J.B. Snow




47 mins

Narrated by

D Gaunt

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