Mystery: The Blind Rats Race Audiobook By Katherine Shepard cover art
Mystery: The Blind Rats Race Audiobook

Mystery: The Blind Rats Race Audiobook


by Katherine Shepard

  • Narrated by: Jodi Stapler
  • Length: 56 mins
  • Release date: 08-26-15
  • Language: English

There has been a security breach at The Henry Smith Research institute and head scientist Dr. Norman Clay is found dead with his arm ripped open. Detectives are called in to help make sense of the events, but none of them seem to have a clue as to what had happened. The breach was well staged with minimal to no evidence.

The detectives are baffled by the manner in which Dr. Clay’s arm has been ripped open. A colleague of Dr. Clay opens up and tells the detectives that Dr. Norman had a chip installed containing the formula for a chemical he was making. He is pressed to reveal the details of the chemical, but he also has no clue – other than the fact that the chemical’s effects have the potential of bringing the country down to its knees if an enemy of the country gets a hold of it.

This statement sends the detectives into panic mode and order for the shutdown of all points of entry and exit, although they all know too well that there is nothing as hard as fighting a hidden enemy. The detectives are left with no option but search for the unknown without alarming the country on the happenings.

Day and night become the same for the security forces as they try to pin down all the culprits. Dr. Clay was a very quiet and secretive person and didn’t share a lot, which makes it even harder. Police ransack his house, but they find nothing of importance other than a library of books. There is hope that the answers might be in the books, but it’s still a mystery as to which of the books hold the key to this mystery.

All the books are examined and scanned for secret codes, but nothing is found. Dead end after dead end becomes the tune. The detectives have reconstructed the scene a gazillion times, but nothing seems to add up. It is in light of this that Detective David Moore is tasked to head a special team comprised of two computer wizards and two special units agents. The team of five is informed that the country’s fate depends on it.

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Katherine Shepard




56 mins

Narrated by

Jodi Stapler

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