My Girlfriend’s Stepdaughter: A First-Time Lesbian Erotica Story audiobook cover art
My Girlfriend’s Stepdaughter: A First-Time Lesbian Erotica Story Audiobook

My Girlfriend’s Stepdaughter: A First-Time Lesbian Erotica Story Audiobook


by Honey Velvet

  • Narrated by: Katrina Medina
  • Length: 2 hrs and 9 mins
  • Release date: 06-18-19
  • Language: English

Jane’s and her mother have a horrible relationship stemming from a bad divorce with Jane’s father and her mother’s penchant for bringing home one boy toy after another and having her way with them at all hours of the night. As Jane turns 18, her mother’s nightly howls become more intriguing setting off feelings in her that she never felt before.

One night, she takes matters into her own hands – literally as she sits outside her mother’s door while her mother and her lover du jour please one another. Jane is taken aback as she finds out that the person her mother is with is indeed a woman who is dominating her mother in the bedroom. The woman’s instructions to her mother are also followed by Jane as she begins to pleasure herself in the hallway. Before she reaches her first-ever climax, she hears someone prepare to leave the room, and Jane beats a hasty retreat back to her own room.

The next morning, still amazed by the feelings that she felt the prior evening, she is eating breakfast while her mother is out working. She is unexpectedly greeted by Kimba, the woman her mother had been with the night before who questions if Jane had overheard them. Jane relents that she may have indeed heard something, as she takes in the looks of this beautiful woman. The more she talks to the Kimba, the more attracted she feels. When Kimba reaches out to touch her face, it is only the first step in a seduction that finds Jane crying out at first her kitchen table and then later on in the living room of her home.

When Kimba invites Jane back to her home so they can continue their tryst, Jane accepts willingly and finds that Kimba’s desire for dominating is not only reserved for her mother. Over the course of several hours, Jane willing becomes the submissive to all of Kimba’s demands finding new ways to embrace the climaxes that she had felt only for the first time earlier in the day.

Kimba is a demanding and enticing lover who drives Jane to new heights and shows her the many ways that a woman can love another. Together, Kimba and Jane share an intimate and erotic evening together. Jane is on a cloud nine, laying in Kimba’s bed reliving the incredible ways that she had been taken by this amazing woman when the door to the bedroom flies open and she is surprised by the sudden and untimely arrival of Kimba’s beautiful, young stepdaughter. 

Find out what happens when Jane is confronted by the beautiful Caroline.

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Honey Velvet

Narrated by

Katrina Medina


2 hrs and 9 mins

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