Minimalist Relationships Audiobook By Devonne Atwood cover art
Minimalist Relationships Audiobook

Minimalist Relationships Audiobook


by Devonne Atwood

  • Narrated by: Craig Patterson
  • Length: 31 mins
  • Release date: 12-05-19
  • Language: English

This is an audiobook about one of our most important relationships: friendships. I doubt there is anyone on the planet who is not familiar with the concept of friendship, and I am sure that each of us has at least someone to call our friend. How about you?

Here are four reasons to buy this book: 

  1. This book will explain the nature of friendship and the essential elements that should be present in all friendships  
  2. A chapter in this book is dedicated to friendships fostered in social media, since we have all become attached to our social media accounts. 
  3. You will get advice on how to deal with toxic relationships. We all have them, right? 
  4. Frankly, relationships are everything, and you want to be a great friend as well as having real meaningful relationships, right?  

This book is a good start on that journey. To wrap it all up, this book provides ways to have meaningful friendships and describes how having a few meaningful friendships is a lot better than a thousand shallow ones.

This book will also help you learn how to deal with toxic relationships. When we feel that we are giving too much in the relationship, and it has become emotionally draining for us, we should learn how to stand up for ourselves and take action. We will also learn that it is much easier to have fewer but stronger friendships. Bear in mind the importance of quality over quantity.

There’s a lot more information in this valuable book. I encourage you to get the audiobook today and find out how you can improve your friendships. Be transformed into the best friend you can ever be. Take action today, and you will be so glad you did!

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Devonne Atwood




31 mins

Narrated by

Craig Patterson

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