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Memories of a Vietnam Veteran Audiobook
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Memories of a Vietnam Veteran Audiobook



by Barbara Child

  • Narrated by: Steven Roy Grimsley
  • Length: 4 hrs and 40 mins
  • Release date: 07-09-19
  • Language: English

Barbara Child put her heart and soul into a letter to her partner, Alan Morris, while he was at the cottage they shared in Florida, and she was away at school in California. He was a Vietnam War veteran, and she was taking a seminary course on war – in particular, the Vietnam War. She turned in her letter as a term paper for the course, calling it “An Open Letter to a Vietnam Veteran”. A little more than two years later, the war finally took its toll on Alan. He put a Colt .45 to his head and pulled the trigger. Barbara read part of her letter as the eulogy at his memorial service.

That letter led to one thing, then another. Eventually, Barbara began analysis with a Jungian psychologist and shared the letter with him. She began talking more and more about Alan. She began writing more and more about Alan. From those writings came this audiobook.

Memories of a Vietnam Veteran gives a partner’s eye view of post-traumatic stress and moral injury relentlessly taking their toll on the body, mind, and soul of a veteran who served as a medic in the Vietnam War. The book also shows how Jungian dream work with an expert, caring analyst can bring forth memories, and the meaning of memories both sought and unsought. Ultimately, this audiobook is both a labor of love and an impassioned outcry on behalf of all victims of war, whatever their part in the suffering.

This audiobook presents:

Part One: A Lifetime Is Too Narrow to Understand It All

  • Chapter 1 – Living in Florida
  • Chapter 2 – An Open Letter to a Vietnam Veteran
  • Chapter 3 – Dying in Florida
  • Chapter 4 – Mementos, Memorials, and a Ritual of Grieving

Part Two: I Will Wait for Yo

  • Chapter 5 – Alan Will Be Coming Soon
  • Chapter 6 – Digging Deeper
  • Chapter 7 – Bringing Forth
  • Epilogue – The Sword and the Snake
  • Afterword – In Country

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Barbara Child




4 hrs and 40 mins

Narrated by

Rosemary Benson, Steven Roy Grimsley

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