Master the NLP for Success! Audiobook By Mentes Libres cover art
Master the NLP for Success! Audiobook

Master the NLP for Success! Audiobook


by Mentes Libres

  • Narrated by: Phillip J Mather
  • Length: 45 mins
  • Release date: 02-21-20
  • Language: English

What is NLP?

Master the NLP for Success! is an audiobook that provides you with the appropriate direction and values and beliefs that drive you to success, whether success is measured in economic prosperity or simply in the feeling of having made a difference.

The audiobook is composed of 10 chapters all focused on one thing: Equipping you with the right mindset and behavioral practices that will lead you to easily achieve whatever it is you want your life to be.

  • Chapter 1 – provides an overview of the course and the benefits you will get from it.
  • Chapter 2 – answers the question of how the application of NLP will transform your life.
  • Chapter 3 – provides the techniques that will transform you into a good communicator.
  • Chapter 4 – Provides the techniques that allow you to better understand other people.
  • Chapter 5 – Provides the techniques that allow you to understand and apply the NLP Meta-Model.
  • Chapter 6 -. Provides you with the tools that help you acquire the right mindset to achieve your goals.
  • Chapter 7 – provides you with the ways in which you can achieve success by adopting an NLP lifestyle.
  • Chapter 8 – provides tools that allow you to reformulate your mental processes and behavior.
  • Chapter 9 – provides you with techniques that make you a persuasive communicator.
  • Conclusion – Provides the tools to reformulate your mind for success.

Develop your skills with the techniques of this free and transform yourself into a successful person!

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Mentes Libres




45 mins

Narrated by

Phillip J Mather

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