Master the Daily Battles of Parenting Toddlers Audiobook By Anna Andersen cover art
Master the Daily Battles of Parenting Toddlers Audiobook

Master the Daily Battles of Parenting Toddlers Audiobook


by Anna Andersen

  • Narrated by: Joni Abbott
  • Length: 56 mins
  • Release date: 08-07-15
  • Language: English

Fed up with the constant arguing and feeling like you can’ get ahead of your three-year-old’s constantly changing wants, needs, and opinions?

Would you love to have a pause button when your little one is throwing a tantrum at the supermarket?

Do you find yourself losing your temper when your kids misbehave and no matter how many times you remind them, they just keep doing the things you want them to stop doing?

The audiobook comes with more than 20 personal examples on how to handle daily life situations with small children. While listening, you will find ways to:

  • bring new habits into your life that can help children to better understand the rules,
  • feel less irritable, more relaxed, and be more creative in your reactions,
  • save your evenings and enjoy adult time without interruption,
  • teach small children to be more self-sufficient (and responsible!) so that they get ready faster, contribute to household chores, and play independently,
  • stop feelings of guilt and doubt when you must discipline,
  • laugh more with your kids and connect deeper.

With children it’s difficult to always be on top, especially if the nights are short and you are trying to juggle it all. Having quick and practical tips to stay creative, try something new, and constantly remind yourself of some guidelines on the path towards mindfulness, happiness, and conscious living can only be a good thing.

Get ready for radical family life changes and be prepared for more playful times!

  • Chapter 1: Developing Parental Zen Habits,
  • Chapter 2: Setting Home Rules,
  • Chapter 3: The Art of Communication,
  • Chapter 4: Fostering Creativity and Responsibility,
  • Chapter 5: Handling Typical Daily Situations with More Fun.

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Anna Andersen




56 mins

Narrated by

Joni Abbott

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