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Marlon Brando: The Godfather of Method Acting Audiobook

Marlon Brando: The Godfather of Method Acting Audiobook


by in60Learning

  • Narrated by: Harriet Seed
  • Length: 1 hr and 9 mins
  • Release date: 02-22-18
  • Language: English


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Actor Marlon Brando, famous for his role in The Godfather, used his troubled childhood to fuel his work. Between two alcoholic parents, Brando grew up physically abused and emotionally underdeveloped. As an actor, he practiced the Stanislavski system, a kind of method acting where one draws emotions from past experiences to bring realism into a performance; Brando once stated, “If I have a scene to play and I have to be angry, I can remember my father hitting me.” While this method made him a highly respected actor, he also developed a reputation for being hostile and hard to work with.

This biography delves into the complicated life and career of this actor, director, and activist who Time Magazine named one of their Top 100 Most Important People in the 20th Century.

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1 hr and 9 mins

Narrated by

Harriet Seed

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