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Man of the House Audiobook

Man of the House Audiobook


by Randi Stepp

  • Narrated by: Vida Colesell
  • Length: 2 hrs and 50 mins
  • Release date: 08-29-16
  • Language: English

Forcing His Hand

A new man has come into Kendra’s life, and he’s quickly becoming possessive. Every dirt road bar, every honkey-tonk, and he’s there – keeping a watchful eye over her. Tonight, if Grant refuses to leave her alone, he’s going to get an eyeful. The rodeo has rolled into her small town, and Kendra has only to pick her cowboy. Time for a wild ride.

Warning: may contain jealous men in cowboy boots and stinging leather belts.

Disciplining Eve

Eve was a handful. She had a temper that could spook a cavalry horse. She had never been tamed. However, there was a new man of the house. A real man who knew how teach a girl to be a lady. Theo uses a heavy hand with Eve’s unladylike behavior. Who will tame whom in this battle of the wills?

Claiming His Ward

Jack has hidden his growing desire for his ward. For years, she has been his to nurture and protect, but now a new set of desires are seizing him. He and Elsie are left alone once and for all. His vow threatens to be overtaken by his passion. Her untouched beauty. Her pure trust in him. They draw him to the woman he has sworn to guard and shelter.

Stepping Up

Mario’s coming home. The memories of the man who raised him as his own have been haunting him. It’s time to confront the tension that has plagued their relationship ever since that one day years ago. The day that has haunted Mario’s dreams.

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Randi Stepp

Narrated by

Vida Colesell


2 hrs and 50 mins

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