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Maiden Voyage Audiobook

Maiden Voyage Audiobook


by Sakura von Sternberg

  • Narrated by: Audrey Lusk
  • Length: 3 hrs and 53 mins
  • Release date: 02-25-16
  • Language: English

For centuries, prophets and soothsayers have whispered tales of the Light Bringer: a savior from the distant past destined to bring an end to a catastrophic intergalactic war. And now, as the known universe faces the threat of despotism and ruin, this messianic figure emerges from the shadow of long-forgotten fables to bring an end to this unpardonable strife.

Captain Cydd Yoshiba, the notorious space pirate and scourge of the Shadow Vox Empire, has dedicated his life to tracking the Light Bringer down – and now he has finally found her. Along with the small crew manning his interstellar battleship, Yoshiba travels back in time to rescue the woman rumored to be this fated messiah: Joan of Arc.

Propelled from medieval Europe to the far-flung year of 2977, the famed “maid of Orleans” naturally has trouble acclimating to her strange new surroundings – but that’s the least of her worries. As her attachment to Cydd Yoshiba grows and intensifies, so, too, do her first unbidden inklings of sexual desire. It’s not long before she is forced to choose between keeping her eternal vows of chastity or indulging in these forbidden erotic fantasies. Will she choose duty over love? How long can she resist these newly awakened desires?

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Sakura von Sternberg

Narrated by

Audrey Lusk


3 hrs and 53 mins

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