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Magic Candle Making Handbook for Wiccans Audiobook
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Magic Candle Making Handbook for Wiccans Audiobook



by Lisa Cristal

  • Narrated by: Nor Sabrina Luethy
  • Length: 3 hrs and 52 mins
  • Release date: 03-20-20
  • Language: English

Even if you know very little about the magic, you are probably aware that candles are an important part of it. Wicca’s magic is not different in this aspect.

This book will introduce you to the candle making and will teach you how to choose the best natural ingredients for your craft. You will master Wicca spells and potions with this guide for candle spells for beginners. 

The previous two books about Wicca explain that its magic is considered “white magic”. It is not intended for any harm. Instead, Wicca spells are crafted for healing and protection. Candles like spells are the vessels of magic. That is why it is very important to learn the process from scratch. This book will give you enough information for making candles at home and prepare the candle for spell work. You will become a home wizard for the whole family and your friends. 

If you decide to go deeper, this book will help you to become an expert in making candles supplies and choosing essential oils for candle making. It is as elaborate as it is fun.

Becoming an expert in anything enriches your character, being a master of witchcraft flavors your persona even more so. 

There is a saying that the best gifts are always handmade. This notion may have lost its value in nowadays world but there are still those who treasure such gifts the most.

Even if you are very distant from the idea of witchcraft, this book will not leave you unmoved. As it will teach you something that you can do with your own hands. You will be able to craft personalized candles for your friends and loved ones and Wicca magic spells will add special meaning and value to your gifts as it would have a piece of your soul in it.

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Lisa Cristal




3 hrs and 52 mins

Narrated by

Nor Sabrina Luethy

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