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Love, Lust, Death Audiobook
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Love, Lust, Death Audiobook



by Lon Safko

  • Narrated by: Bob Rundell
  • Series: The Secret of the Lost Dutchman, Book 2
  • Length: 3 hrs and 4 mins
  • Release date: 08-09-16
  • Language: English


Conflict, love, and Apache Indian attacks are all that stand between Julia Heady and fate. As one young woman travels across the fledgling United States, she must use every ounce of her power to stay alive.

This book has all the excitement of a true Western, but I guess you could call it more of an “Eastern.” There is love, lust, and death. It also contains gunplay, dead hombres, sheriffs, and its fair share of bloodshed. This Eastern originates in upstate New York.

The main character is also a little different from the crusty old gunslinger you might be used to. There’s a reason this book is written a little differently. The main character is a young black woman named Julia Heady. It’s about her struggle from her home in New England through the coal mines of Pennsylvania and then continuing her journey across the country to what is now Phoenix, Arizona.

And now we come to the conflict – love and Apache Indian attacks even before she reaches “gold country”, meeting Jacob Waltz, the Lost Dutchman, and learning about his famous gold mines (you’ll hear about this in book four of this series).

A great part of this book is an original story in chapters one and two, based on actual history of Lazarus Heady. One night on the Hudson River changed his life and the lives of his family forever. While Julia Thomas actually was a black female store owner in Phoenix during the 1860s, she didn’t actually come from New York.

Are you ready to take the journey of a lifetime? Can you resist a date with fate in this latest Western from best-selling author Lon Safko?

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Lon Safko




3 hrs and 4 mins

Narrated by

Bob Rundell

Release date



The Secret of the Lost Dutchman, Book 2


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