Living with Your Heart Wide Open Audiobook

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by Steve Flowers MFT

  • Narrated by: Janis Daddona
  • Length: 7 hrs and 58 mins
  • Release date: 07-11-14
  • Language: English


The way we talk to ourselves is often unkind and filled with self-judgments. These overly harsh self-criticisms can make us feel unworthy and incomplete. What if what you really need is not higher standards for yourself, but greater self-compassion?

In Living with Your Heart Wide Open, you’ll discover how mindfulness and self-compassion can free you from the thoughts and beliefs that create feelings of inadequacy, and learn to open your heart to the loving-kindness within you and in the world around you.

This is more than just an audiobook! Living with Your Heart Wide Open contains many insightful exercises and guided meditations (with gentle, soothing music) based in Western psychotherapy and Buddhist psychological principles. These exercises and meditations will help guide you past painful and self-limiting beliefs about yourself and toward a new perspective of nonjudgmental awareness and acceptance of who you are, just as you are.

Return to the guided meditations as often as you like to help you learn mindfulness and compassion practices that will lead you away from unproductive, self-critical thoughts and help you live more freely and fearlessly, with your heart wide open.

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Bob Stahl PhD, Steve Flowers MFT

Narrated by

Janis Daddona


7 hrs and 58 mins

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