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Living Beyond Self Doubt Audiobook

Living Beyond Self Doubt Audiobook


by Som Bathla

  • Narrated by: Russell Newton
  • Length: 2 hrs and 48 mins
  • Release date: 04-01-20
  • Language: English

Silence your inner critic, eliminate stress and anxiety, take action despite being scared, and lead a life of happiness.

What if you are able to take your own firm stand despite whatever people think and say? What if you are convinced about the certainty of outcome before you start anything?

Imagine standing tall in front of all challenges and being appreciated by people around. Imagine hanging out with people who support your vision and deeply connect with you. If you think that your self-doubts always become the stumbling block toward your success, if you wonder why you always go one step further and two step backward, if any new thing always gets you trembling with fears, then you are just one step away from your master tool kit toward conquering your self-doubt.

Living Beyond Self Doubt is your action guide to conquer all your inner doubts, disrupt your negative thinking, and put you on a fast track toward reinventing a new you. You’ll notice the shocking ways how your self-doubt dictates your life. You would continuously find yourself nodding along and thinking “This book speaks to me!” 

In Living Beyond Self Doubt, you’ll discover:

  • How you are solely responsible for justifying your self-doubts and how to change that for lif
  • What are the answers to the three most important questions, which on its own will 10X your pace
  • How people with suicidal tendencies have altered their mindset not to survive, but rather thrive and leave their names in the history
  • Why you need to closely watch and redefine your well-wishers before you conquer self-doubt
  • How scientific research proves that Cold Showers can have positive impact in your thinking pattern
  • How to be certain of your outcome even before you start taking action
  • What are crazy but super-effective tactics to immediately disrupt your mind and build new neural pathways for massive action
  • How to insulate yourself from “what will people think or say” virus and stand firm with your own life vision
  • How to create a new surround support system ready for your success
  • How Albert Einstein was able to gain the level of genius despite being expelled from school twice
  • Why you should seek help and learn how to change your mindset to start getting help from people

Living Beyond Self Doubt is for anyone plagued with self-doubt. It will help take a step further and also for someone who is already successful and wants to master his mind-set and accelerate the journey further. 

Whether you’re a student, employee, small or medium-sized entrepreneur, or stay-at-home parent, the strategies described in this book are equally effective and transformational for everyone.

Buy Living Beyond Self Doubt today to reprogram your insecure mind-set, reduce stress and anxiety, boost your confidence, take massive action despite being scared, and reclaim your dream life.

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Som Bathla




2 hrs and 48 mins

Narrated by

Russell Newton

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