Let's DP My Wife, Cuckold Mega Bundle: On the Job Audiobook By Hannah Wilde cover art
Let’s DP My Wife, Cuckold Mega Bundle: On the Job Audiobook

Let’s DP My Wife, Cuckold Mega Bundle: On the Job Audiobook


by Hannah Wilde

  • Narrated by: Hannah Wilde
  • Length: 2 hrs and 23 mins
  • Release date: 05-08-15
  • Language: English


Most guys would be driven into a rage at the thought of their wife with another man, but there are a select few who find the jealousy intoxicating, exciting and arousing. These collected stories are all examples of what happens when you push the limits of your marriage past the edge of comfortable one-on-one sexuality.

Let’s DP My Wife: Mile High

There’s a lot of perks that come with being married to a sexy flight attendant, not the least of which are free trips around the world on the weekends. Paul and his wife, Harley, are living the high-flying good life.

Let’s DP My Wife: Bang the DJ

Having a superstar DJ for a life partner can be surreal, as Victor quickly learns when his wife, Mason, makes a dance music album that explodes online overnight.

Let’s DP My Wife: Copping a Feel

It’s hard having a cop as your wife, but Morgan and Jasmine make it work with honesty, communication and a healthy sex life. When Jasmine reveals her attraction to her new partner, however, thing’s start to get heated.

Let’s DP My Wife: Lifeguard on Duty

It’s not hard to notice Ken’s gorgeous wife, Rachel, bouncing up and down the beach as the local lifeguard. They have the perfect marriage, or so it seems, until Rachel starts to get restless in the bedroom.

Let’s DP My Wife: Teacher’s Pet

As a young married couple, Hal and Rosie are ready to get their new life together started, but first Rosie just needs to graduate college. With only a few weeks left, the last thing they expect is for Rosie to fail the final in her human sexuality course.

Let’s DP My Wife: A Dancer’s Body

Ian is a lucky man. Not only is his wife, Alana, funny, charming and intelligent, she’s also a dancer with the body that comes along with it. But when Alana starts to hint at feelings for her handsome new dance student, Ian soon realizes that he might need to learn to share.

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Hannah Wilde




2 hrs and 23 mins

Narrated by

Hannah Wilde

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