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Lesbian Threeways Audiobook

Lesbian Threeways Audiobook


by Jane Kemp

  • Narrated by: Michelle Jones
  • Length: 1 hr and 22 mins
  • Release date: 11-29-19
  • Language: English


All women have fantasized about being with another woman and feeling a soft tongue in their mouth and on their pussy. These five XXX lesbian group sex erotica stories all have three hot women exploring each other’s bodies like no man can.

The Bride to Be’s Lesbian Seduction (a group first lesbian sex erotica story)

Annie’s very, very stressed about the wedding. It’s so hard on her that she loses it when her maid of honor, Kandace, asks a simple question about her wedding night attire. She’s a mess! She can’t even try on her bridal lingerie without going crazy. One of her bridesmaids shows up, so now she has her two best friends in the world with her, but she’s still overwhelmed. Finally, Kandace and Sylvia decide it’s time to give Annie some stress relief, and before she has a chance to tell them to stop, she’s right in the middle of a lesbian sex threesome! It’s her very first lesbian sex, and this bride is going to have an experience she’ll never forget.

The Lesbian Threesome (Mary’s first lesbian group sex experience: an erotica story)

My friends and I were a bit upset. We’d planned a wonderful weekend with our boyfriends before we headed home for the summer. The roads were impassable, though. So, it was just us three girls, sitting around and moping. We didn’t mope for long, though! Before I knew it, I was in the middle of my first lesbian experience – all three of us experimenting in ways I’d never done before. Imagine that. My first lesbian experience was a lesbian threesome!

Chick Flick Without a Dick (an all-girl lesbian sex threesome erotica story)

She simply loves her roommate and fellow nursing student, Jenna, and she decides to surprise her by making ice cream sundaes to add to their weekly popcorn and movie night. When their other roommate interrupts them with the sad story of a cheating roommate, the other girls make sure Kelly joins in. Alcohol flows, and inhibitions disappear. Before long, she’s in the middle of her first lesbian sex experience, and it’s red hot with lesbian seduction and double penetration!

Hot Tub Honeys (a first lesbian group sex erotica story)

When my friends and I got together to celebrate my birthday and for me to show them my new hot tub, I never expected things to go the way they did. It had been a tough road to get to the financial freedom our business created for us, and it was wonderful to celebrate, but Annie and Sylvie ended up making out right in front of me! Before I knew it, I was joining in for my very first lesbian experience! It was terrifying and wonderful. It was scary and beautiful. It was everything I could have wished for if it had ever occurred to me to make that wish!

Girls’ Night Out (a first lesbian group sex erotica story)

Mary Anne doesn’t really want to go on the silly “free vacation” from the timeshare company. She knows it will be nothing but a sales pitch. On the other hand, she and her best friend, Darlene, have been forgoing their girls’ nights out, so she decides to go. What an experience it turns out to be! When the friends meet the beautiful and alluring identical twins Cindy and Sandy, things take a turn to the erotic, and before long, Mary Anne has her first ever lesbian sex experience…and she has it with three other girls!

Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various lesbian group sex encounters. It includes rough first lesbian sex, reluctant first lesbian sex, first lesbian group sex, and first lesbian threesome sex. It is intended for mature listeners who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

First lesbian sex is just waiting for your click!

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Ericka Hardwick, Jane Kemp

Narrated by

Michelle Jones


1 hr and 22 mins

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