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Legends of Hollywood: The Life of William Shatner Audiobook

Legends of Hollywood: The Life of William Shatner Audiobook


by Charles River Editors

  • Narrated by: Nick Hart
  • Length: 1 hr and 13 mins
  • Release date: 05-11-15
  • Language: English

Includes Shatner’s own quotes about his life and career.

“I’m not a Starfleet commander, or T. J. Hooker. I don’t live on Starship NCC-1701…or own a phaser. I don’t know anybody named Bones, Sulu, or Spock. And no, I’ve never had green alien sex, but I’m sure it’d be quite an evening. I speak English and French, not Klingon! I drink Labatt’s, not Romulan Ale! And when someone says to me ‘live long and prosper’, I seriously mean it when I say, ‘get a life’. My doctor’s name is not McCoy, it’s Ginsberg. And tribbles were puppets, not real animals. PUPPETS! And when I speak, I never, ever talk like Every. Word. Is. Its. Own. Sentence. I live in California, but I was raised in Montreal. And I believe in Priceline.com, where you never have to pay full price for airline tickets, hotels, and car rentals! I’ve appeared on stage at Stratford, at Carnegie Hall, Albert Hall, and the Monkland Theatre in NDG. And, yes, I’ve gone where no man has gone before, but…I was in Mexico and her father gave me permission! My name is William Shatner, and I am Canadian!” (William Shatner)

It almost goes without saying that nobody occupies a place in pop culture that remotely resembles the one in which William Shatner finds himself. As an actor who has been about as critically acclaimed as he has been lampooned, Shatner seems to relish every aspect of his image, whether he’s making fun of himself and others on a celebrity roast or appearing in humorous commercials as a spokesman for Priceline.com.

Given the length and scope of his career, it’s easy to forget that Shatner started as a pretty typical dramatic actor in his early years, including appearances in Judgment at Nuremberg, episodes of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and even the Western series Outlaws.

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Charles River Editors

Narrated by

Nick Hart


1 hr and 13 mins

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