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Learn Python Programming Audiobook

Learn Python Programming Audiobook


by Michael Learn

  • Narrated by: Kevin Tromp
  • Length: 4 hrs and 29 mins
  • Release date: 11-19-19
  • Language: English


The truth is: Python, an advanced third-generation programming language come scripting language, has shown an extraordinary growth in terms of popularity and usage in the last five years.

But why Python? Why IT industries are choosing python over anything else? Why one must learn Python keeping in mind the current market situation? Obviously, there are several reasons behind it. Let’s explore….

Whether you are already a programmer or a newcomer to the programming world, Python offers you to code with the ultimate simple syntaxes and lets you focus on programming logic. A huge relief from the fear of compilation error!

With the increasing popularity and usage of Python in every field of IT, huge requirements have been created and recruiters are looking for experienced Python professionals as well as freshers having knowledge on Python. And, of course, yes, Python professionals are one of the highest paid among all.

Python provides programmers with a huge extensive “built-in library” which can reduce programming effort drastically – days’ effort can come down to hours. Thus a significant amount of cost-saving has been accounted and as a result, IT industries, as well as freelancers are tending to be inclined more towards Python. Python is being widely used in every sector of IT.

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Python is being widely used in each and every sector of IT.

  • Product development: From companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram to start-ups and service-based MNCs are using Python to develop their software.
  • Software Testing: All the testing tools are being migrated to collaborate with Python from Java, Ruby, and other languages.
  • Data Science: Python provides many libraries and frameworks (e.g PyBrain, NumPy, SymPy, matplotlib, PyMySQL), which can be used effectively in data analysis.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Again due to the vast “in-built library functions” and simple syntaxes, Python is being used in every sector of Machine learning and robotics.
  • Python is also being used in Server configuration, Scripts for desktop programs, building Raspberry Pi applications 

The goal of the audiobook is simple: a great guide to learn Python and know about its widespread applications. The book helps to become quite an expert in the language. 

You will also learn:

  • What is python programming
  • How to install python
  • Data types used in python
  • methods and functions of python
  • Conditional programming
  • Loops
  • processing data analysis and algorithms
  • Object oriented programming in python
  • Teaching you the python language
  • Important python frameworks

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Michael Learn

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Kevin Tromp


4 hrs and 29 mins

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