Leah Day's Goddess Quilts Audiobook By Leah Day cover art
Leah Day’s Goddess Quilts Audiobook

Leah Day’s Goddess Quilts Audiobook


by Leah Day

  • Narrated by: Leah Day
  • Length: 2 hrs and 1 min
  • Release date: 12-03-19
  • Language: English


This is the story of Leah Day’s goddess quilts.

Leah’s creative journey began with the birth of her son and the conception of her first goddess quilt in 2007. While making that quilt, she found the vehicle for change and self-discovery she’d been searching for her whole life. This is Leah’s story of transformation and how each goddess quilt in this series pushed her to become a better woman, wife, mother, and quilter.

This is not an audiobook about any known goddesses from myth, legend, or religion. Leah’s goddess quilts are fantasy self-portraits that represent who she wished she could be and how she wanted to feel. Quilters, artists, and anyone with an eye for bright color and gorgeous art quilts will find limitless inspiration in this audiobook.

By focusing on these powerful images through the many months, sometimes multiple years, it took to create each quilt, Leah found the wisdom and courage to change her life, her habits, and even her thoughts. Leah Day’s Goddess Quilts is an artist’s memoir that shows how you too can embrace courage and cultivate gratitude.

Leah openly shares her personal struggles with self-criticism, the danger of dwelling on past pain, and how she overcame many obstacles blocking her path. This is the story of a creative entrepreneur following a childhood dream. A story of success and failure and the struggle to remain humble in an egotistical social media fueled world. This is the story of a wife and mother embracing her creativity and releasing it to the world. This is the story of Leah Day’s goddess quilts.

The goddess on the cover is called “Release Your Light”. This is the light of your creativity. It is not a spark or a flickering flame. It’s an explosion of light more powerful than the sun. Are you ready to release your light?

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Leah Day




2 hrs and 1 min

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Leah Day

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