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Knowledge and Learning Are Two Different Things Audiobook

Knowledge and Learning Are Two Different Things Audiobook


by Jiddu Krishnamurti

  • Narrated by: Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Length: 9 hrs and 51 mins
  • Release date: 03-02-16
  • Language: English

  • A radical transformation in the psyche itself. 8 November 1968. Duration: 80 minutes.
  • To communicate we must know that the word is not the thing and also be in that state of mind whose quality is attention, care. That can take place only if we are serious.

    We are the world, and the world is us. To bring about a radical transformation, which is so essential in society, there must be radical transformation in ourselves.

    Analysis of violence does not end violence, nor is violence ended by thinking of nonviolence.

    There is no teacher outside, no saviour, no master; you yourself have to change, and therefore you have to learn to observe, to know yourself.

    Knowledge and learning are two different things.

    What is this silence you talk about? The silence that I am experiencing comes and goes.

  • Thought is the cause of fear. 10 November 1968. Duration: 76 minutes.
  • Though we have plenty of energy, apparently we lack the drive, enthusiasm, vitality to bring about a change in ourselves.

    As long as there is fear, there must be violence, aggression, anger, hatred. Thought is the source of fear.

    Is it possible to live everyday life without thought interfering?

    Thought is always old. When you worship thought, you are worshipping something that is dead.

    Could you discuss the process of verbalisation that goes on when one observes?

    How do we get rid of this separation, division in ourselves?

  • The benediction of meditation. 17 November 1968. Duration: 67 minutes.

    We shall explore together into this life, existence, in which is included relationship, love and death, not merely as a phenomenon but as something tremendously significant, to be cherished, deeply lived. Meditation is the approach to this problem of living.

    It is only a free mind that is capable of attention in which there is no achieving or losing or fear. It is only a quiet, attentive mind that can understand this immense problem of living. It is only the quiet, meditative mind that can come upon what is called love.

    What is living?

    The observer cannot possibly do anything about envy because he is the cause and the effect. Whatever he does with regard to envy is still envy.

    What does it mean to die, knowing the organism comes to an end? What does it mean to die psychologically, inwardly?

  • Freedom of choice is not freedom. 11 November 1968. Duration: 83 minutes.

    What do we mean by free will? Is there such thing?

    Is choice ever necessary?

    Freedom exists only when I perceive very clearly, when the mind sees things as they are.

    Is it possible to be free in society?

    Is love the absence of hate?

    To find out what truth is, you must be free of propaganda – the propaganda of the Church, the propaganda of literature, propaganda of tradition – so that you see things clearly for yourself.

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Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Jiddu Krishnamurti


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